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Dangers of alleged “therapies” are becoming more publicly acknowledged

MPP in Ontario proposes bill to end conversion and reparative therapy

It appears to me that the dangers of conversion “therapy” are increasingly becoming a public policy matter. One MPP in Ontario is working to protect young people from these dangers.

NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo is fighting to change that with new legislation that seeks to ban reparative therapy (also known as conversion therapy) for anyone 18 and younger in Ontario, and to have this type of therapy delisted from OHIP for everyone else.

“This is about children and about intrinsically who you are. Children who come forth and tell adults who they are, and adults who say ‘it’s wrong and it needs to be fixed’ – that’s more than sad. It’s abusive, and it needs to be stopped,” said DiNovo. – Globe and Mail

The question for the Alliance Church: will they consider empirical evidence that their doctrine, that gay behavior is sinful, is harming young people.

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