History and context

Canadian stronghold

There are currently over one hundred thousand Alliance Church members in Canada. This is about one in two hundred and fifty people. Even though there are more Alliance Church members, in total, living in the U.S., they only represent about one in eight hundred people. So proportionately, this makes Canada the Alliance Church stronghold. The current Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, is a member of the Alliance Church.

Based on this map, it appears that there are over 500 Alliance Churches in Canada. Here’s a list of those churches and their coordinates.

Anti-gay moral doctirne

The Alliance Church is anti-gay. While they preach love and tolerance for folks with homosexual impulses, they also preach that acting on those impulses is sinful. They emotionally “support” people to stop homosexual behaviour, because homosexual behaviour is a moral abomination, in their view. This is anti-gay.

Canadian and worldwide context

We live in a society that continues to stigmatize, violate and oppress folks who are gay, lesbian, queer, trans*, questioning, two-spirited, bi-sexual.

Additionally, we live a world that does the same.