A.B. Simpson, founder of the Alliance

About A.B. Simpson

It appears that the founder of the Alliance Church is from Canada. So we get to be proud of that.

Albert Benjamin Simpson was born in P.E.I. in 1843. He studied in Toronto and went on to work in Hamilton. But not for long. In 1873 he went to Kentucky to work for the Presbyterians.

Then he went to New York. Here, it is said, he ministered to the immigrants. And the immigrants made him think about the rest of the heathens around the world who have not accepted Jesus as their saviour.

It was in New York that Simpson would formulate the Fourfold Gospel that Alliance Church members accept today: Christ is Saviour, Healer, Sanctifier, and Coming King.1

Relevant to anti-gay morality

Simpsons preached about the importance of expanding the church and it’s moral doctrine. Perhaps one of his best known sermons on this, and one that is still quoted from today is titled “Aggressive Christianity.” It is from this sermon that you’ll see folks quoting Simpson, saying “Aggressive Christianity is the world’s greatest need.”

In conclusion, the spirit of aggressiveness is the spirit of our age. The great message of God’s providence to our people today is national expansion. The hand of God and the victories of our brave soldiers have spread our flag over new realms and new races. – Simpson2

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