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Homosexuality in the membership and Ministership

The Manual has a policy that folks who endorse homosexuality cannot be ministers, license issuers or appointed to serve in the church. On page 40 (PDF page 48) of the manual, paragraph seven states:

Persons who engage in, or endorse, homosexual conduct and/or relationships shall not be accepted as candidates for ministry, issued licenses, ordained or consecrated as ministers, or appointed to serve in The Christian and Missionary Alliance. Neither shall they serve in local church ministries, nor shall they be issued membership in an Alliance church. Likewise, in conformity with The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada’s Statement on Human Sexuality, and its Statement on Marriage-Divorce-Remarriage, which states that “[I]n no case ought any person to enter into any so-called ‘marriage’ with a person of the same sex,” no licensed worker or staff member in any Christian and Missionary Alliance ministry or local church shall, under any circumstances, sanction, bless, conduct, or officially participate in a marriage ceremony, civil or religious, nor are Alliance local church facilities or other properties belonging to any aspect of the life and work of The Christian and Missionary Alliance to be used in any way that would result in a marriage or civil union of persons of the same sex.

So homosexual folks can’t become ministers in the Alliance Church. Neither can they serve in the Alliance Church. Neither, can they be issued membership in the Alliance Church.