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Community organizing, community support: bait and switch

The Alliance Church is good at offering help. But what else are they offering?

One problematic aspect of being a church, of being a community, that defines homosexual behaviour as sin, is how to deal with new, impressionable, vulnerable members.

The thing is, many new members will have joined the church community to get support. But when they joined did they know that their sexual choices, especially their homosexual behaviour, would be deemed wrong? It seems particularly cruel that a community would use it’s friendship, it’s community support, even it’s emotional support, to convince members to turn away from homosexual behaviour.

We live in an age now, where we know that homosexual behaviour is not a problem. But new members might discover that the church sees it as a sin.

It probably occurs in many cases as a bait and switch. The new found friends and support and community love comes at a the price of condemnation.