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Cornwall Alliance

The Cornwall Alliance is a coalition of folks that affirm the Cornwall declaration on Environmental Stewardship, which is, in rough outline, a foundational statement about environmental stewardship.1 It is an affirmation that God and God’s creation is great and robust. Because the Earth, and all of God’s creation, is robust and resilient and self-correcting, the theory of human induced climate change, or Anthropomorphic Global Warming (*AGW*) is wrong.2

It’s not clear to me what the connection between the Cornwall Alliance and the Alliance Church, is, if any. Both organizations are evangelical, but no other connection is apparent at this time. Perhaps a review of the board members or signers of the declaration, or the authors of the articles will reveal a deeper connection.

The Cornwall Alliance is based out of Burke, Virginia.

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Hate the sin, not the sinner

My examination of whether the Alliance Church performs hate toward certain groups has to acknowledge and examine the ‘hate the sin’ doctrine. Many Christians subscribe to this doctrine. The ‘hate the sin’ doctrine has a weak and strong version:

  1. Weak: Hate the sin, not the sinner.
  2. Strong: Hate the sin, love the sinner.
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My interests in the Alliance Church

I grew up in Grand Centre, Alberta. We had an Alliance Church. Actually, it was only one block away from my childhood home. I didn’t really know what they stood for or what they did. It wasn’t really on my radar.

But now the Alliance Church is of more interest to me.

It’s not just the Alliance Church that is of interest to me. The Catholic church is also of interest. And much of my research and reflections on the Alliance Church might pertain. But I can’t study the affect of all Christian churches on the culture I live in; not all at once. So, one church at a time.

Additionally, Canada has a Prime Minister that belongs to the Alliance Church. It’s probably because of this, that the Alliance Church has come to my attention. So here we are.