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One avenue for research; impact statements

skull and crossbones

One idea for trying to research the harm done to gay and transgender people who grow up in the Alliance Church is to research folks who have left the church.

It’s possible, for instance, to publicize a call out to folks who:

  1. grew up in the Alliance Church, and
  2. made a choice to leave because of their gender or sexual identity.

Interviewing folks who managed to escape the social and moral doctrine of the Alliance Church might shed light into the harms done. Doing these interviews might look very much like taking impact statements.

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Assessing harm should be an empirical question

There is widespread agreement in the psychological sciences that homosexuality is normal and healthy. So the question is, how do we develop research to gauge the harms done to folks who are gay, when they’re raised in communities that place moral prohibitions on them and prevent them from behaving in ways that are consistent with their sexual being?

It should be an empirical question.