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One avenue for research; impact statements

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One idea for trying to research the harm done to gay and transgender people who grow up in the Alliance Church is to research folks who have left the church.

It’s possible, for instance, to publicize a call out to folks who:

  1. grew up in the Alliance Church, and
  2. made a choice to leave because of their gender or sexual identity.

Interviewing folks who managed to escape the social and moral doctrine of the Alliance Church might shed light into the harms done. Doing these interviews might look very much like taking impact statements.

2 thoughts on “One avenue for research; impact statements

  1. I’m not a bigot or homophobic. I don’t understand how you can keep reiterating in your article that being gay is normal and healthy. Sodomy is a very unhealthy practice, causing microscopic tears in the colon that leads to a compromised immune system. How is that normal or healthy? Gay men on average live shorter life spans than heterosexual men, largely because of their sexual practices. Call the gay lifestyle what you want, and live it if you feel you must, but it is blatantly false to call it normal and healthy.

    1. Hi Laura, are you a member of the Alliance Church? How do you know that you’re not a bigot?

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