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Anti-gay moral colonialism: Lorne and Kathy-Lu White

One problem with the Alliance Church is that it’s really far-reaching. They have a powerful network in Canada, but also world-wide. That is, after all, one of the founding reasons for the church: it’s missionary.

Here’s a part of a blog post by Lorne and Kathy-Lu White who are on a mission in Taiwan. It’s a good example of exactly the kind of worry I have about the impact of the Alliance Church on society, culture and moral systems.

This past week we heard that the education department of the Kaohsiung City government, the largest city in southern Taiwan, passed a resolution that appears to limit the teaching of curriculum that instructs students about sexual purity prior to marriage. Previous communications had indicated that the school curriculum would be changed to include a more tolerant view of homosexuality. This new decision appears to go much further. Christian leaders are trying to get clarification, and have asked us to pray for wisdom as they communicate with elected officials about these matters. We also desire that there would be continued freedom to teach biblical relational values.1

They write here that they don’t like the fact that schools are developing less puritan views of sexuality and a more tolerant approach to homosexuality. So they’re going to lobby the elected officials. No surprise, really, given the strength of the anti-gay moral doctrine within the Alliance Church in Canada, and worldwide.

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